Thesis Political Science

Thesis Political Science

June 24, 2019 0 By Gwendi Frederick

General Information on Political Science

You have followed the Crimea crisis intensively in the media and are interested in the background of the conflict? You find it unfair that five veto powers in the UN Security Council can block the decisions of others and thus determine world politics? Or do you want to deal with the question of whether more direct democracy in Germany would be desirable and possible? Then you have the best conditions in terms of your interest to write scientific papers in the field of political science. Of course, the interest and regular news shows are not enough to penetrate everyday political issues with the necessary analytical depth. In general, it should be noted that political science is strongly influenced by the internal differentiation of its subject, as shown by the different methodologies of the three major areas. In the first area, international politics, one mostly proceeds empirically-analytically, i. The current approaches of actors and their interests are taken as the starting point for a conflict analysis, in the course of which, on the basis of previous explanations, a prognosis is made for the further behavior of conflicting parties. The work in the field of political theory and the history of ideas looks quite different. Many may still remember the earlier philosophy lessons when Plato’s Ideal State or Hobbes’s theory of absolute monarchy was treated. Such classical theories are still the basis of modern theories, but with a much higher degree of abstraction. In order to be able to move in these subject areas, one must surely master the hermeneutic method for literature evaluation. The third section of political science, comparative government, deals above all with questions about the political system as well as party and election research. Here, the work is less theoretical, but rather empirical, because especially in election research much is worked with statistics and their evaluation.

Help with your thesis in Political Science

Experience has shown that many students do not expect that they will have to deal with empirical social research and abstract theories in some semesters and are accordingly uncertain when it comes to the application of basic methodological skills to the contextualizing interpretation of a classic political history of ideas or the evaluation of the validity of a statistic. In such cases and in all other difficulties, e.g. In the development of a goal leading to the goal, the finding of current literature or the writing of individual chapters our technically competent and in the scientific writing experienced authors help, in order to get the most out of your study work. Through individual contacts and agreements, we can ensure that our academics and authors create an academically high-quality work according to your wishes and specifications.