Graduation thesis Philosophy

Graduation thesis Philosophy

June 25, 2019 0 By Gwendi Frederick

General to the philosophy

The discipline of philosophy as a humanities discipline is particularly marked by literary studies and therefore ideally suited for bookworms, especially if one likes to ask basic Kantian questions of being such as “What should I do?” And “What is man?”. Many still remember the philosophy lessons in the school with some extravagant discussion about morally correct behavior or the introduction to philosophical thinking in Plato, Hobbes and Rousseau in the gymnasiale upper school. These two philosophical branches – ethics and political philosophy – also play a role in the study, so that solid basic knowledge in these areas are very helpful. In general, you have to master the hermeneutic circle as a method for literature evaluation for a successful study. Although the analysis of interpretative secondary literature also plays an important role, the focus is always on reading original texts of philosophical classics and modern theoreticians, which are interpreted individually and contextually.

An essential difference to the school subject, which is illustrated by concrete examples, can be seen in the studies on the subject areas of metaphysics and theoretical philosophy, which occupy a considerable part of the study. In contrast to the subarea of ​​practical philosophy, one needs a much higher intellectual capacity for abstraction in order to be able to cope with the concretely barely comprehensible contents. Above all, the subdivision of logic requires considerations that have to be solved by the individual object. Against this background, studying philosophy seems to be much more demanding than it first becomes clear in public perception as an “orchid subject”. It has become queasy for many students, when they should take for the first time not ethical, but purely theoretical thoughts under the magnifying glass and then and then at the latest at the first term writing leave the university alone and felt with only sparse methodological knowledge uncertain.

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